David Olugbenga Ogungbile
Prof.  David O. Ogungbile.

Chair  (Head),
Department of Religious Studies,
Obafemi Awolowo University.

O.A.U. P. O. Box 1950
Ile-Ife, Osun State

Telephone : +234(0) 703.371.8844 ;
                      +234(0) 807.072.1710

E-mail : dogungbile1@yahoo.com;

Website:  www.ogungbile.net

Office Hour: By Personal Appointment
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DOO (David Olugbenga Ogungbile), a child of destiny, welcomes you to his world. Here, you will launch to different dimensions and aspect of his life and sojourn on the planet earth. This site is designed for  academic research, mentoring and spiritual counselling.

Research Interest
David's research engagement has been on the various manifestations and expressions, and the dynamics of religions (Indigenous Religion, Islam and Christianity) in Africa. His interpretations and analysis of indigenous religious traditions using the mythic narratives and
ritual practices which are main markers of human identities reinforce his multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the religious experiences of the Africans and the African Diaspora.

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